Idyllic and peaceful Briare


This little city we visited is located 150 km southern of Paris. His famous canal is one of the oldest in France.


The photo above shows the Briare aqueduct which carries another canal over the river Loire. Famous Gustave Eiffel participated in it’s construction. Its beauty is stunning!

IMG_7041 IMG_7047 IMG_7052 IMG_7065

Some old timers got on our way :)


Beautiful little park around the City Hall.IMG_7085 IMG_7093 IMG_7099 IMG_7103 IMG_7114 IMG_7131

On the property of our friend everything is in the blossom. I couldn’t get my eyes of this magnificent Judas tree.


Flower power in the hair- that’s the real statement accessoire.

IMG_7141 IMG_7151

This huge tree leaves you speechless.

IMG_7150IMG_7123 IMG_7162 IMG_7168 IMG_7189

Lilac – so tender and it smells like  heaven.
IMG_7184IMG_7181IMG_7188 IMG_7173Kisses from idyllic and peaceful Briare.


  1. Divno!:)

  2. Flower power i oldtimer su <333!

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