Secrets of Le Petit Palais


Even though it consists “petit” (small) in its name Le Petit Palais is a huge and magnificent Parisian museum. It was built in 1900 for the Universal exhibition in the same time as le Grand Palais (l’ll write about it soon here) on avenue Winston Churchill. I visited there the exhibition about Slovenian impressionists and I was impressed. If you are in Paris until July I strongly recommend you to discover the universe of Slovenian impressionism which is still not very well known to the general public.


“The main entrance gate, designed by Girault himself, was immediately praised for its elegance and the virtuosity of its craftsmanship. He also created the banisters for the staircases in rotundas and the garlands and swags of wrought iron decorating the peristyle and balconies.” (the citations are taken from the site of Le Petit Palais- I inserted the link in the first paragraph)

IMG_6679 IMG_6681

“Between 1903 and 1910, Albert Besnard painted four decorative murals in the Symbolist style for the museum’s entrance lobby:Matter, Thought, Formal Beauty and Mysticism.”


“Cormon and Roll were both given the task of decorating galleries which are 15 meters long. From 1906 to 1911, Cormon retold the story of Paris through history, from the battle of Lutetia up to the French Revolution. Roll, by contrast, was given the job of illustrating modern Paris.
Directly above the main galleries, there are sixteen plaster busts set into the wall representing famous artists including Eugène Delacroix, Pierre Lescot and François Mansart.”


Some details from the exhibition.

IMG_6691 IMG_6697 IMG_6719 IMG_6720

“To decorate the vaulted ceiling of the garden portico, Paul Baudoüin, who had studied under Puvis de Chavannes, reinvented the art of fresco painting which had been neglected since the Renaissance. He painted a huge vista of vines interspersed with medallions featuring The Months of the Year and The Hours of the Day and Night. The three large sections of the vaulted ceiling are punctuated by the feminine allegories of the Seasons.”

IMG_6729 IMG_6743

I adore this pair of shoes. I had it as a gift from my boyfriend’s mother who made them “sur mesure” in Zagreb when she was young. There is something really special about them :)


Le café/jardin du Petit Palais – If you are asking me this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Paris to have a coffee and enjoy the nature and beautiful architecture! It’s a real oasis of greenery in the heart of the museum.


I’m wearing – the shirt from Urban Outfitters (which I won on the blog of my favorite Parisian blogger Hello it’s Valentine), -a  necklace- gift from Sarena Skatulica, you can find it here. Next time I’ll make some better photos so you could actually see it around my neck :)

IMG_6751 IMG_6757

A semi-circular garden is bordered by a richly decorated peristyle.


Hope you have enjoyed the photos! Paris is really a movable feast as once wrote Hemingway. It doesn’t stop surprising us with its eternal beauty!


  1. Yale84 · · Reply

    Lovely, charming, bewildering!

  2. Baš si slatka! Pariz ti definitivno dobro stoji :)

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