From the worm, light-hearted summer… To its generous and mild end… There is always some green in this world even when the autumn begins some green worth fighting for. Oh ! je voudrais tant que tu te souviennes Des jours heureux où nous étions amis. En ce temps-là la vie était plus belle, Et le […]


I’m sooo late with the newest edition of Let us just say “some technical problems got in the way” and concentrate on what matters :) For the first time I’m publishing it in English hoping that you will appreciate the initiative. For the late summer/early autumn issue of my favorite blog series I picked up Ana-Marija Bujic, one […]


A hot hot summer in Athens. Take some notes: 1. Do not visit Athens in summer ! (in fact do not visit the Acropolis in summer :p) Note 2: Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bernard Tschumi’s museum of Acropolis. The restaurant on the top of it is just great! “lt is made of three concepts: […]


It had to be you I wandered around And finally found The somebody who Could make me be true For nobody else Gave me a thrill With all your faults I love you still It had to be you Wonderful you It had to be you. I didn’t want to expose the privacy of this […]


Tina je autorica jednog od najčitanijih lifestyle blogova u Hrvatskoj koji nosi ime Hedonist factory, novinarka je, politolog po struci. Jedna je od onih svestranih i energičnih ljudi koje nikako ne možete izbiti iz misli jednom kada vam uđu u život. Zajedno smo radile za portal na kojem smo obje pisale o modnim […]


It’s terrace time in the city of love! That’s why I want to share with you the best brunch I’ve had on a Parisian terrace. In the center of the 6th arrondissement, just a stone’s throw away from the crowded Odeon you can find a  place so peaceful and so attractive that you’ll have to ask yourself “is this some kind […]


This post may be a little bit strange for all of you out there who follow me. It’s not about fashion, beautiful places I’ve visited, nor about delicious food or fancy places. It’s about life. My blog is not a place where you can read about my beliefs or my personal life, but this time I just have to […]


Zagreb has a green heart fulfilled with all the colors you can imagine. As you know I’m a huge fan of gardens and parks so when I find that kind of place in the city I’m simply seduced. And I can’t resist. It’s like some kind of an enchantment…you just let it overcome you. So you let it […]


I just wanted to share with you some moments spent near the sea in my charming Cavtat in Croatia. The beautiful light pouring from the horizon and some silver linings dancing in the waves is everything you need to feel peaceful again.


You liked those photos on my facebook page so I thought to myself “I’ll share it also on the blog”. This was the outfit I wore for one beautiful wedding in Karlovac in Croatia.  I think all kind of head pieces, hats and fascinators are really chic. Wearing them you’ll feel like a lady and surely someone will whisper […]


When in Paris go brunching. Lazy, cozy brunches are made for Sunday relaxing. The brunch I’m showing you today is not my favorite one but it’s a quite different one. When compared with other brunches it is a little bit too pricey (25e). Parisians love it because it’s original and stylish. Nevertheless this place is more […]


Sometimes I just want to spend my whole day in the musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Every time it’s a new adventure.  This time my imagination was captured by works and inspirations of the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten.  This is the very first exhibition devoted to his work. The iconic pieces from the museum’s fashion and […]


April in ParisChestnuts in blossomHoliday tables under the treesApril in ParisThis is the feelingNo one can ever repriseI never knew the charm of springI never met it face to faceI never new my heart could singNever missed a warm embraceTill April in Paris, Whom can I run toWhat have you done to my heart… Enjoy the […]


When it comes to exhibitions I have to admit that I’m a little bit addicted to them. I just love to visit them all the time, on my own, all alone. Favorite ones? Those representing fashion /or/ photography.  I was waiting for so long for this one! The exhibition Papier glacé, un siècle de photographie de mode chez Condé Nast  […]


Lose fotke iz reda iza novinara i celebritya. Bitno ili ne bitno misljenje to sada nije vazno. Ne mogu se oteti dojmu jucerasnje 3. po redu veceri slavnog Cro-a-porter-a koji volimo skratiti na CAP. Hrvatska modna scena prsti mladim potencijalima i zato se uvijek iznova nekako nadjem u masi ljudi koji su dosli kritizirati, gledati, inspirirati […]


There is something about Paris that makes it so different from all the other places. After a long reflection I think it’s all about the famous lifestyle à la parisien. Sometimes I have an impression that we re not from the same planet. They are so relaxed in their chairs sitting all around Jardin du […]


A sunny day in Brussels? It happens so rarely that you just have to go for a walk and take some photos. Here are some beautiful spots from Le Sablon, historical quarter of the city. It’s a charming place to visit  in the capital of the EU. I visited the city already and wrote about it. HERE […]


I have some new Parisian food addresses to share with you. As you know Paris is famous for its Asian restaurants, some of them are really good, some are a bad copy of real Asian food, some serve ‘fusion’ food. This Cambodgian restaurant is really special and pretty popular in Paris, it’s called simply  Le Camodge. […]


Paris is a movable inspiration. That been said I really mean that the whole Paris, its streets, stairs, architecture, magasins, marchés, brocantes, salon de thé, brasseries, chocolateries, boulangeries, even metro can (just sometime) be some kind of an inspiration. When it comes to the interior design I can not even imagine the number of stores proposing everything from antique furniture […]

2013-11-23 16.39.01

Amazing city of London! It’s really a special feeling to choose a park as a starting point for visiting London. St. James’s Park is a beautiful one where you can see different kinds of birds and squirrels going freely all around you as you weren’t there. Here are some photos of our trips we did […]

2013-11-24 15.47.16

When I decide to visit someone I just go to that place without thinking about special places I should visit, without even looking at the map of the city. It may sound crazy for all of you control freaks out there (not that I’m not one) but when you are visiting your soul mate- you […]


Živimo u vremenu koje će u modnoj povijesti bez sumnje biti zapamćeno po statement nakitu. Oblačimo “što nam prvo padne pod ruku”, ali zato pažljivo biramo ogrlicu ili narukvicu koje su apsolutni it komad sezone. Dogodine ćemo ga gledati zgražajući se kako smo samo mogle svo to blještavo, plastično “drago kamenje” staviti na sebe ali […]


Vlaho Arbulić je…moj čilipski susjed, znamo se od kad smo bili mali. Za prvi u nizu razgovora u svom novom entuzijastičnom projektu ‘Lives in blossom’ izabrala sam Vlaha da bi na nekin način ostala u ‘confort zoni’ (drugim riječima da se ne bih blamirala pred nekim skroz nepoznatim), a dakako i zato što smatram da […]


After two years of blogging I’ve decided to give more space to other people: the charismatic ones who make our hearts beat faster when they talk with passion and persuade us that we are invited to do things that fulfill our own lives. This new idea made me change a little bit the name of the blog*. Cherry […]


Talking about this tremendous exhibition to my friends I realized that I repeated for a few times : “The beauty of the jewelry almost made me cry”. Than I realized people were looking at me as if I was crazy. So I told them- “you’ll see, I will upload my photos so you could feel a little bit of that magic”. Then I […]


Obecala sam vam prenijeti dojmove s izlozbe Azzedinea Alaïae koju sam nedavno posjetila. Nadam se da cete uzivati u kreacijama koje sam kradmice uspjela slikati :) Pariški modi raj, muzej Galliera posljednje četiri godine bio je zatvoren zbog radova. Muzej je otvorio vrata javnost u rujnu 2013. predstavljajući prvu parišku retrospektivu Azzedinea Alaïae na kojoj se […]


January just started, glittering fades away slowly so I decided to prolong it a little bit by showing you these magic photos from Printemps and Galeries Lafayette shop-windows. Never let glitter goes away from your souls. May this new year be a wonderful one for you! Dream big and do everything possible to live your dreams! I […]


I’m back! First things come first us you know so I had to let go my blog for a while. I’ll try to post once a week from now on in order to share with you  some new Parisian stories. The first one is “hommage à la Tour Eiffel“. I think I never wrote a […]

11Georges Dambier, Suzy Parker Givenchy za Elle Osim što su pretenciozne, Parižanke ne peru kosu, imaju loše držanje, puše cigar na cigar…S druge strane, smatramo ih utjelovljenjem gracioznosti i chica. Što je mit, a što istina pokušala sam prikazati u novom članku na portalu kojeg možete naći OVDJE. Ukoliko vam se svidi ova vrsta clanka pisat cu jos puno o […]


I’m not up to date..but as you know- summer is always somewhere, So for me it doesn’t metter hope you won’t mind. Summer is on my minde, summer is on my pictures. I wanted to put online some unforgettable moments of past months.The first one is with my fiancé in beautiful, picturesque franciscan monestery in […]

Ladurée, Café Laurent, Paradis du fruit

I’m sure you’ve already noticed on my blog that there is always some place for food/dessert. There are so many places in Paris where you would be ready to pay ‘a lot of money’ just to have a bit of something gorgeous your neighbor is eating (well if you have already visited Paris you should know by now that […]

2013-08-20 17.15.54

One magnificent poem about the beauty of the sea will tell you all I feel when I look at it. One can just rest speechless as I will do right now. I leave you with the splendid Charles Trenet’s voice and the pictures of heavenly beautiful Adriatic coast in Dubrovnik. La mer Qu’on voit danser le long […]


You want to be somewhere far away, where the sea is azure blue and the breeze is tender? It may sound to you like an advertisement made by tourist office but in fact it’s just like that in Cavtat. It’s far away, it’s hot and it smells like summer. Racic mausoleum in Cavtat by Ivan Mestrovic.  My […]

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Mécanique des dessous is a new exhibition opened lately in Musée des arts décoratifs. It explores the ‘underworld’ of female and male undergarments such as the fly, the pannier, the corset, the crinoline, the bustle, the pouf, the stomach belt, the bra and other vestimentary devices fashioning the body by means of whalebones, hoops and cushions […]


Maybe you asked yourself – WHY, oh WHY people insist so much on the fact that Paris is the most romantic city in the word, the city of love? Have you been in Paris while sun is setting behind the river Seine and the cathedral of Notre Dame is glittering under its light? If you have you […]

2013-06-19 14.48.16

Parc de Bagatelle- oh yes heaven is a place on Earth! I wrote abut it so many times. The article you appreciated a lot was the one from  last year (Bois de Boulogne- the most romantic spot in Paris) when my fiancé and I made a huge promenade all around Bois de Boulogne.  This beautiful peacock was so proud of the […]

Chanel haute couture

Alexis Mabille I just couldn’t resist even thought I know you saw them already. Here we go: my favorites from Paris Haute Couture fashion week! Za one koje zanima zasto je visoka moda tako drugacija, cemu zapravo sluzi i dokle idu njene granice novi clanak je na portalu Pronadjite ga OVDJE. Chanel Franck Sorbier Iris van […]


I am aware of the fact that everyone who is coming to Paris really wants to see the Eiffel’s tower, Montmartre, Le Louvre or Orsay and eventually Versailles. I did the same thing when I came for the very first time ;) But if you are coming more often to this magnificent place I recommend […]


I have to admit-  I’m not a huge Keith Haring’s fun, but I was curious to discover his works so I went to see The political line – his huge retrospective in Musée d’art moderne. I wrote an article about this exhibition for Croatian portal Buro24/ . I invite you to read it HERE. Even thought […]


If you ask me there is no flower like a rose! One might love orchids, tulips and peonies but adore just a rose. There is a good reason why it became such a cliché to give a rose to a woman. It is elegant, sophisticated, its perfume is precious and its petals so tender. I don’t have to […]


This is one really special  event I attended last year and ever since that day I was impatient to live it again. It’s like a very big cool wedding. All around the Hippodrome in Chantilly, (a little town in the north of Paris know for it’s gorgeous castle that holds famous Musée Condé), people are […]

Abraham Pelham haute couture, Paris, 1999

Abraham Pelham, haute couture, Paris, 1999 My new article for the Croatian fashion portal is online. I wrote about famous French photographer Gérard Uféras who’s 17 photos are exhibited in Parisian gallery Polka. This time I decided to put some photos also on the blog to share (x2) my passion for his work with my readers. […]


Here it is, new post “Lately I love” for all those special moments that don’t fit other categories :) I love meeting new people, especially if we are sharing same interests. Sara from blog Hangover chic and her fiancé Petar from blog Leather Scent visited Paris and we took a coffee  in famous Parisian bar Le Fumoir. […]


As you may  know it rained a lot last month in Paris. In spite of it we took one crazy long walk on a really rainy Sunday. It was a little adventure. We discovered the 13th arrondisement under our huge umbrellas. The question I asked myself whole the time was – “Are we in Paris?” These little picturesque streets we walked that […]


Last Sunday was a perfect one for visiting Rouen. After such a long time we had some sun to warm us and beautiful blue sky to make us even more happier. I felt in love with this magnificent city the moment I saw its architecture: it’s an incredible mix of splendid Gothic churches and picturesque wooden houses. The real reason to […]


Some good Parisian addresses I tried lately are on the menu this time :) Where to eat chines in Paris? In Paris Chinatown – Quartier Chinois in 13th arrondissement. The restaurant Lao Lane Xang, (102 Avenue d’Ivry, 75013) is not expensive  and the food is really delicious. So you have a good quality food for a good price. The […]


Paris on Velib (the biggest bike-sharing in the world!) is even more beautiful. Parisian arcades (passages) are one of the most beautiful spots in Paris- hidden and romantic they are also the places where the spirit of XIX century is so present even today. The modern arcade was invented in Paris, and, while the concept […]


My dear readers I’m glad to announce that I’ve been given an opportunity to write for famous Croatian portal Büro24/ My very first article for this fashion/culture portal is about Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto who’s works are presented in Louvre. The text is in Croatian, but here you can find some photos which might give […]


Here it is, my second article for the Croatian fashion portal The article is about the exhibition N°5 Culture Chanel held in Palais de Tokyo in Paris. It is written in Croatian, but if your are interested you can find some photos here and some more information about it on the site of Palais […]


Bas kada covjek poimisli da je sve pariske parkove obisao uspostavi se da je to daleko od istine. Vec sam odavno cula da je Parc de Bagatelle koji se nalazi u Bois de Boulogne (vec sam je spominjala ovdje)  mjesto na koje se jednostavno MORA otici, ali ja sam s namjerom cekala svibanj. Svibanj je moj najdrazi […]


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